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Application form 5778

Application form 5778


מכון סמיכה דמיאמי רבתי

Application to the Miami Semicha Program

Student's information

Student's name:
Student's date of birth
Student's Address
City, State, Zip
Student's Email
Student's Phone #

Parents' information

Father's name
Father's Work address
Father's best contact number
Father's Email
Father's occupation

Mother's name
Mother's work address
Mother's best contact number
Mother's email
Mother's occupation

Best person to contact for administrative matters
If you have selected "Other" please give us the name and contact information of that person:

Yeshivos attended

Yeshiva attended last year (5777)
Rosh Yeshiva's name
Rosh Yeshiva's number
Yeshiva attended two year ago (5776)
Rosh Yeshiva's name
Rosh Yeshiva's number


Name Relation Phone number Email address

Who is your Chavrusa for Semicha?

What is your reason for choosing our program?

Send in one recent picture and two letters of recommendations. One of them from your Rosh Yeshiva that includes your scholastic grades, level of shmiras hasdorim and level of yiras shomayim

There is a $150 application fee. After submitting your application, please go to the "Donate" section and make a payment of $150.

Tuition is set at $7,700.