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Simchat Shabbat

Simchat Shabbat

Fighting hunger together


Simchat Shabbat

You too can bring a smile to needy families in South Florida


The recent economy's down turn had a deep impact on many of South Florida's families. Seeing this, a group of people got together and created a unique and dignified way to provide food for the stricken families in a dignified way. 

Families receive credit in local kosher stores where they can go shopping in full dignity. 

A typical family helped by Simchat Shabbat will receive $2,500 a year.
 consider sponsoring one family.

The suggested donation is $50 a week which will provide basic food necessities for one person for one week. Feel free to multiply this number in any way you want.

Just click here
and in less than 2 minutes you'll be able to provide help to a needy family.