Miami Semicha Program

The Jewish Educational Leadership Institute is a 501(c)3 non for profit organization that was established in 2002, by Rabbi Yisroel Frankforter following the guidance of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Our mission is to facilitate the study of the Jewish Heritage for every Jew in South Florida (and beyond) in the language he or she is most comfortable. We fulfill this goal by means of our Rabbinical College and its students in the Miami Semicha Program, a non for profit post secondary institute that trains students to become chaplains and rabbis.

The focus of the Miami Semicha Program is to offer both theoretical and practical learning to the students.

The theoretical learning mainly consists of the rabbinic laws relevant to community rabbis and leading to the ordination of our students as rabbis.

Besides the legal aspect of their learning, students also have lectures in areas of public speaking, community leadership, fundraising, Jewish Education and counseling.

Students at the Miami Semicha Program aslo spend a minimum of eight hours every week studying Jewish philosophy, Chassidus & mysticsim.

Our students do not have to wait to apply their newly gained knowledge, as every week including Jewish holidays our students,offer a wide range of classes to the community, lead Shabbat services and visit hospitals and prisons throughout the state and further.

A Home for the French Jewry of Florida

Our second program is geared for the blossoming French community of  South Florida.

Due to the rising anti-Semitism in France, many Jews feel compelled to relocate. A large amount of French Jews have chosen to make their new home right here in South Florida.

JELI, under the leadership of Rabbi Frankforter and his wife Mrs. Louiza Frankfortger, and with the assitance of the French speaking 'Bochurim', is there to provide a home for them. We are proud to provide many services to our French brothers and sisters regardless of their geographical location. We offer Torah classes and gatherings in French, arrange, and subsidize when necessary, tutors for the children, distribute a weekly Torah newsletter via Email about Jewish current events and words of Torah and so much more.

Currently our programs reach French Jews from Key West all the way up to New York.