Located in the heart of the Jewish community of South Florida, the Miami Semicha Program offers Rabbinic ordination for Yeshivah Bochurim over the age of 18 who are comfortable with the chavrusa style of learning.

The curriculum consists of four sections.

1: The laws of Melicha - ritual salting of the meat.
2: Bosor Becholov - mixture of meat and milk.
3: Taarovos - forbidden mixtures.  
4: Shabbos - The laws of Shabbos.

Along side with the above mentioned curriculum, Bochurim attend a Chassidus Seder every morning and a night Seder in the evening.

These studies are complimented by various lectures delivered by prominent Rabbonim, Shluchim, and lay leaders in various fields related to Shlichus and Rabbonus.

Some examples of these lectures include talks on the role and duties of the Chevra Kadisha delivered by Rabbi Leibel Miller, head of the Chabad Chevra Kadisha of Florida. The counseling duties of a Shliach, delivered by Rabbi Dr. Nochum Goldwasser.

Our semicha is issued by Rabbi Y. Yeruslavsky Shlit"a, the secretary of the Chabad beis din in Israel and the rav of the Kiryat Malachi, as well as Rabbi Dovid Schochet of Toronto.

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Kol Tuv


Rabbi Yisroel Frankforter - Dean
Rabbi Aryeh Schechter - Magid Shiur